Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy catch-up premium

Teignmouth Community School (Exeter Road)

How we spend our catch up premium

Since the removal of levels at KS2, students are awarded a scaled score in English reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling and mathematics. The scale progresses from a score of 80 towards a score of 100. A scaled score of 100 or more shows that the student has met the expected standard in the test.

More information about the scaled scores used at KS2 can be found at:

Students not achieving the expected standards are grouped based on needs so that we can prioritise and personalise the provision provided.


Scaled ScoreReadingMaths

Those students achieving a score ranging from 80-89 are prioritised and receive additional support outside the classroom based on need (wave 2 interventions). Those students achieving a score ranging from 99-90 receive targeted teaching within the classroom (wave 1 intervention).

Total funding received: £13,256

Teignmouth Community School is committed to raising the achievement of all students and aims to ensure that those in receipt of the catch up funding are given additional opportunities to maximise their progress. We invest heavily in the provision for these students assigning additional funding so that we can support them to achieve.

The funding is used to facilitate faculty intervention assistants in English and Maths to work with identified students. The intention is to accelerate the progress of these students by providing specific interventions (e.g during AM registrations) so that students can develop skills in order to close the achievement gap.

Two additional English groups were created in year 7 so that students could be placed in smaller class sizes with more targeted provision. Additional literacy support is also provided in CAL to enable students to access a differentiated curriculum where they can master key skills designed to enhance their learning across multiple subject areas. Examples include Toe by Toe and Fresh Start. If necessary, students follow a personalised timetable whereby they receive extra support dependent on personal need.

To continue accelerating the progress of these students, individuals, where appropriate, are extracted from MFL in Year 8 and receive two additional literacy lessons and two additional numeracy lessons. This provision ensures that students are given increased opportunity to develop skills needed for success at Key Stage 4.

 Time AllocationCosting
Additional two classes in Year 7 English8 Lessons£1500 per lesson

Total: £12000 per year
Literacy Intervention Assistant5 LessonsTotal: £3,492 per year
Numeracy Intervention Assistant5 LessonsTotal: £3,492 per year
TA support in CAL6 LessonsTotal: £2,800 per year
Overall Total: £21,784

This group of students have made accelerated progress throughout the year:

Year 7 Star Test data indicates an average of +8 months progress over a period of 3.5 months.

Year 8 Star Test data indicates an average of +9 months progress over a period of 3.5 months.

English Test levels indicate an average of + 3.5 TCS Sub Steps between Aut 2017 and Spring 2018 (average is 1 sub step per term).

Maths Test data indicates students have made an average of 1.18 years of progress in 9 months (0.43 better than expected)


Our students are proud of the achievements they have made and respond positively to this support.

A selection of student voice comments:

“I feel a lot more confident about my skills.”

“I feel happier about writing because of handwriting club.”

“It helps me and boosts my confidence up”

“It’s nice to have a back up so if I am stuck I can come here for help”

“I learnt not to be scared.”

For 2018-2019 we anticipate a similar level of funding and are looking to implement similar interventions based on student need.