Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer system that monitors the daily practice of reading.  It is increasingly being used in secondary and primary schools in the UK and internationally to assist and motivate reading.

Students undertake a diagnostic test (STAR Test) which establishes their reading range, estimated reading age and assesses their literacy skills.  We are then able to match the students to a range of books at the appropriate level.

We ask our students to aim to read for 20 minutes every day. They are provided with one registration time and one lesson a week in the Library.  Any interest and encouragement that you can provide at home, including discussing or listening to reading, will be important for the success and improvement in students’ reading.  Your child will need to have their AR book protected by a plastic wallet in their bag at all times.  Please encourage them to read and return books on time for the system to work.  We charge £5 to replace a lost or damaged book.

During their AR lesson, students will be guided to choose and read a fiction or non-fiction book.  This can be done as guided reading, paired or independent reading.  Students then take a quiz on the book that they have read.  The student will receive an instant result showing how well they have done. Teachers and Library staff also receive information that will enable them to assist students in further reading choices.  It also shows whether students are engaged with their reading or whether they need additional support.

The Accelerated Reader Program will involve your child in the following:

  • Selecting appropriate books for their individual reading level and interests.
  • Reading books and keeping track of what they have read on their AR computer account.
  • When each book is finished they will take a Reading Quiz in the library at lunch, break or during an AR lesson (each quiz may only be taken once).
  • The quiz is a multiple-choice comprehension quiz and students gain points according to the percentage correct. It is recommended that students aim to get an average of at least 85% correct as meeting this target has the greatest effect on reading growth.
  • Information from the quizzes is provided in easy to read format.
  • School staff will have access to assessment information to help motivate reading, monitor progress and target personalised instruction to accelerate reading growth. We will also be able to intervene with students who need extra support and guidance.
  • Merits and Certificates are awarded to reflect organisation, effort and achievement.

It is the responsibility of teachers, librarians and parents to use their best judgement when guiding children to appropriate books, and we would be grateful therefore, if parents would still engage with and support reading at home. Please use the following website to check if any books that you have at home have quizzes

There is an option for parents to sign up for the Home Connect link which enables parents to see what their child’s quizzing history is for Accelerated Reader.

If you have any further questions or require additional information relating to our library books please do not hesitate to email Tessa Masterman Librarian via  or Michelle McKeeman, Accelerated Reader or tel. 01626 774091