Welcome to Teignmouth Community School - Exeter Road

I am delighted to welcome you to our website. I hope you will find it helpful and informative.  As well as providing key information and guidance for parents, staff and visitors, I hope that it conveys something about what a diverse, ambitious, exciting, creative and caring community we are.

We are passionate about learning in the classroom and outside of it, about providing a secure, nurturing environment in which everyone can thrive. We want our students to enjoy school, to be excited by their learning and committed to achieving their very best. We aim to build their confidence for their futures and we are dedicated to providing a safe, happy and supportive environment in which they will progress both as individuals and in collaboration with others.

For us, “learning” goes well beyond the diverse range of academic and vocational subjects and qualifications we offer, and the “curriculum” means more than lessons. These words describe the full breadth of experience available in our school: academic, artistic, creative, practical, social and sporting. They are about the importance of developing skills as well as acquiring knowledge. Young people need variety, breadth and depth of experience in order to grow; they need to test and stretch their understanding and broaden their minds.

Mr James O’Connell


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