Exeter Road | Teignmouth | Devon | TQ14 9HZ
Telephone: 01626 774091

Welcome to Teignmouth Community School, Exeter Road. We are dedicated to providing a safe, happy and supportive environment for our students to achieve their very best.

Welcome to Teignmouth Secondary

For us, “learning” goes well beyond the diverse range of academic and vocational subjects and qualifications we offer, and the “curriculum” means more than lessons. These words describe the full breadth of experience available in our school: academic, artistic, creative, practical, social and sporting. They are about the importance of developing skills as well as acquiring knowledge. Young people need variety, breadth and depth of experience in order to grow; they need to test and stretch their understanding and broaden their minds. In this way, we want to equip our students with the skills they need to take their place as global citizens in a complex and changing world. Long-term success is about establishing the right life-long learning habits and characteristics: a strong sense of personal responsibility; the ability to learn independently; problem solving skills; resilience for life’s inevitable challenges; and a deep understanding, concern and appreciation for the world around us. Our role is to challenge and inspire our students in equal measure and to identify, celebrate and foster their unique talents and achievements.

Teignmouth Secondary