Home Learning at Teignmouth Community School

At Teignmouth Community School, Home Learning is an integral part of our curriculum as it reinforces classroom learning so that students develop and grow into independent, problem solving individuals. We strongly encourage all students to join in and complete all home learning tasks to the best of their ability. We use home learning to develop students’ core knowledge and vocabulary through systematic retrieval practice that aligns to our taught curriculum.

Retrieval practice is the strategy of recalling facts, concepts or events from memory to enhance learning. The act of retrieving something from your memory helps to strengthen the connections and embed knowledge in the long term memory.

We use online platforms to offer immediate feedback. Students don’t have to wait for teachers to mark their work, they can see immediately how they have performed and identify areas to focus on. We can also personalise the provision so that it targets any particular learning gaps and informs our future teaching.

How will Home Learning be set?

All Home Learning will be set on Class Charts to ensure that there is one place students need to look. Students/Parents should log on to Class Charts using the log on and password that has been emailed home. Class Charts will outline the learning students need to complete and a link to the online platform which they should use.

  1. Go to www.classcharts.com/student/login OR download the Class Charts Students App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Enter your student access code
  3. Click Log-in!

To find out more about our new KS3 Home Learning strategy please click on the Year Group Guides.

Year 7 Autumn Term 2

Year 8 Autumn 2

Year 9 Autumn 2