Successful Revision

Tips for Parents (Taken from The Times Education Supplement)

Revising for examinations can be a stressful and sensitive time for teenagers, so here are five tips for parents to help them through it.

Provide the tools for the job
Supporting your child with the necessary books and resources can help them to get started, and it stops them from using a lack of pens or paper as an excuse.

Be a revision partner
Listen carefully to your child while they are explaining a revision topic to you. Ask them questions to test their knowledge and challenge them on the subject content. You should also be an official timekeeper. Ensure your child doesn’t do too much or too little revision and build in breaks for food and drink.

Encourage relaxation time
It is imperative that your child maintains a social life while revising – up to a point, of course! Work with your child so that the amount of revision they do is realistic.

Understand the stress of revision
The atmosphere in the home needs to be one of quiet and calm so that the student is able to revise without interruption. Also, it is worth considering giving them something to look forward to when the examinations are over – a holiday, a trip to town or the beach – something that will act as an incentive to spur on all their hard work.

Remember, the stress can linger after exams
The summer months can be painful for students and for the whole family as your child waits for their results. Try to focus their mind on other things such as future education and courses, a holiday, or trips to the cinema or theatre.