Ten Tors 2022/23



This years Ten Tors hopefuls put their stamina to the test this weekend in the first of our Ten Tors training hikes on the Rowtor Circular route. Although we battled some extreme winds throughout the day, for the most part it stayed nice and cool, meaning that our students were able to concentrate fully on the walk itself.

Everyone kept a fast pace throughout, with some students showing excellent navigation skills. For those students who felt like they struggled, we would say to try and get those fitness levels up before the next walk, and really give it your all!

Next walk – 5th November.


Incredibly challenging conditions with persistent horizontal rain throughout the entire day. Navigation was incredibly difficult due to poor visibility. The terrain proved to be challenging with bogs and tussocks being prevalent and resulting in everyone becoming soaked / cold and some unfortunate students taking some tumbles… This is why you should always aim to walk on paths; not only does it have a minimal impact on the environment, but it is also the safest and quickest way of travelling around the landscape.

Despite the challenges, all the students earned great respect and admiration for demonstrating their determination and resilience. Very well done!

The next walk (Fernworthy Circular) will be similarly challenging; we will be looking to reduce our numbers ASAP so we can get everyone onto one minibus so you need to make our decision as hard as possible by being at your absolute best. Make sure you are carrying plenty of weight, being an effective team member and not being left behind because your fitness is lacking.

Next walk – 19th November


Typically challenging conditions with inconsistent visibility, intermittent heavy rain and a biting north-westerly wind throughout the afternoon. Following the recent wet weather, it was incredibly moist underfoot and usually quiet streams became raging torrents which demand that the utmost respect to safety is given.

Due to this navigation being somewhat curtailed, we are going to get everyone to complete another route before cutting numbers down. We are going to be taking two minibuses so there will be no problem securing seats.

The next walk (Shipley Bridge Circular) will be on Saturday 28/01/2023. Make sure you are carrying plenty of weight, being an effective team member and not being left behind because your fitness is lacking.

Pre-walk meeting 1530h Wednesday 25/01/2023 at STARS.

Shipley Bridge Circular

Following the tough conditions of most training walks so far, the cool, calm and dry weather on this walk was an absolute joy and the excellent visibility meant that our focus could change from navigation onto speed. With challenging distances of approximately 27km for the 35 hopefuls and 35km for the 45s, it was imperative that a pace of at least 4kph was maintained to ensure that the routes could be finished. 


The 45s experienced early difficulties with one team member falling ill which resulted in the team heading back towards our base carpark and staff having to arrange for parents to collect. Nevertheless, the situation was quickly resolved and the remaining students could get back quickly en route. This also resulted in the 35s (and staff) now not having to deal with Mr Johns so spirits were buoyed.😁. 


The 35 team quickly set and maintained a decent pace; walking on well-established tracks means that you can cover distance far quicker than striking out across open moorland and also minimises our impact on the environment. Although some students struggled to keep up, 4kph was the average pace meaning that the entire route was completed in good time without any dramas. 


Attention now focused on the 45 team, it soon became clear that, despite having traversed the majority of the route with no issues, they had become a little disoriented with only the last few kilometres to navigate. With darkness quickly drawing in, it would be understandable for people to start panicking. However, both myself and Mr Johns are qualified and experienced walking leaders who carry appropriate safety equipment. Added to this was the fact that we we were in constant contact with the team meaning that we could reassure them and clearly instruct them on what to do to overcome the situation. The use of the OS Locate app is invaluable and can be utilised to provide an exact position for staff members or, more importantly, emergency services should events dictate. Please be assured that, despite having to guide the team back to the carpark in darkness, we were at no point concerned for student safety or welfare – we have clear risk assessments and procedures in place to mitigate danger as far as is reasonably possible. Most importantly, we see this situation as a teaching opportunity: until being faced with adversity, individuals will not fully appreciate why we insist on them carrying specific kit; the importance of teamwork, leadership and resilience; how they react in difficult situations; and how to manage themselves and the team more effectively if obstacles arise in future. 


Well done, everybody. Excellent distances covered which are approaching what you need to aim for on Day 1 of the actual Ten Tors event. Unfortunately, we now have to trim our training squad to 14 students overall. These are very hard decisions to make and are taken with the personal well-being of students and ultimate success of the team the deciding factors. We are extremely proud of everyone’s efforts and, if unsuccessful this year, please be assured that you are welcome to try again for the 2024 event. Individual student meetings will be held from 1530h on Wednesday 08th February in U39. 


The next walk is on Saturday February 11th; pre-walk meeting will be Thursday 09th February 1530h at STARS.