The Green Team

The Green Team was initiated by community artists from TRAIL (Teignmouth Recycled Art In Landscape) in 2019, having received modest funding from Teignbridge to help the local community reduce its plastic footprint.  Since then an active group of students and teaching staff have come together to affect change within the school environment. We aim to work together to improve our school environment and encourage all students to make more environmentally friendly choices – both in and out of school.

Currently, we are looking into recycling bins to go around the school, we have already placed some in classrooms for paper and plastic. We have also organised a rota for form litter picks, with a reward system for students who pick up exceptional amounts of litter. Our school has also switched to recycled paper and we are now working forwards using less paper during lessons, for example we have got rid of work booklets in History GCSE lessons.  Amber McCarthy, Freya Powell and Annabel Barratt did a plastic reduction and ecobricking presentation across the school in assemblies and for the teachers at a teacher training day last term.

Our long term aims are to work towards the school gaining Eco School Status, but we are starting with smaller targets like working with the catering team to reduce the amount of single use plastic the canteen produces and we hope to replace the outdated water fountains with bottle refill points and make a reusable water bottle part of the school’s essential equipment from September 2020.

We have invited various speakers in to tell us about their work including The Ocean Recovery Project and Teignbridge Recycling Services and we have an information board to keep the school updated with our activities.

The Green Team meet every week and discuss new ideas with each other, with the hope of making our school as eco-friendly as possible. All students and teachers are welcome to come along, as we meet in CAL every Wednesday lunchtime.

TRAIL ART – Activities to do at Home

This is where you will find daily activities that will all be easy to make for young and old alike; from common household items and recycled materials where possible. Please share them, make them and enjoy them.

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TRAIL ART – Moths to a Flame Project News

Please see the link below for a new news clip about the Moths to a Flame project.

Congratulations to Art and Energy on the wonderful news that they have been awarded the Sustainability First Award for this project.

Windchimes Sculpture created by Year 8 students for TRAIL 2019

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