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Assessment and Reporting

At Teignmouth Community School our students are assessed in a variety of different ways. Ongoing, formative assessment takes place during every lesson and this helps to ensure that all our students maximise their potential.

Students are given opportunities to engage with their feedback through a range of different methods. This may be through questioning, verbal feedback or marking with written feedback. We always look to help our students make progress and improve their work.  We use these ongoing forms of continuous assessment alongside more formal summative testing to help inform our professional judgements regarding where we think a student is currently working and what we think they will achieve at the end of a course.



Our guiding principles are: fairness to all students; no student disadvantaged due to the effects of the situation. Grades are generated by the school using available data including current assessments and past performance if needed. All this is checked for quality and fairness by teachers,  heads of department, and the exam team. This team is the Assistant Head for Exams (Mr Humphrey), the Deputy Head (Ms Atkinson), and the Principal (Mr O’Connell). More details have been supplied via parents’ newsletters and we will continue to communicate with you.


TCS Exeter Road Grading Policy | Summer 2021


Key dates for exam results:

GCE A Level and level 3 exam results are released on Tuesday 10th August 2021

GCSE and level 2 exam results are released on Thursday 12th August 2021


In this unprecedented year a great deal has not been able to happen as normal; also, many of our procedures have been under review. We will be looking at a new reporting system for September 2021 which will be most noticeable for years 7 to 9 (Key Stage 3). One of the aims of this review is to make the information that parents receive as easy to understand as possible. More information will be given out at the end of the Summer term.


The times and dates that students are assessed during the year will change; the purpose is to make the process a more useful experience for the students at TCS. Ultimately, we want all our students to be well prepared for the rigours of assessment when they reach that point. Details of these dates will appear in the school calendar and you will be kept in the picture as these plans are finalised.


Key Stage 3 is still being finalised. Key stage 4 will be similar so the details below will only change a little.


Key Stage 4:

Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum. For GCSE subjects students are assessed using the new grading system (9-1). The new reformed GCSEs are more demanding and designed to ensure that the UK’s education system matches those of the top performing countries in the world. At Teignmouth Community School we have high expectations for all of our students. We set all students an aspirational target grade based on their Key Stage 2 prior attainment using a DfE statistical model. It represents the progress expected by learners between Year 6 and Year 11.

As part of our reporting system KS4 students are awarded a predicted grade. This is the grade that the student is likely to achieve at the end of Year 11 if the student continues to make progress at the same rate. It is not a current working at grade. Students are awarded a GCSE PG based on a numerical system progressing from Grade 1 to Grade 9. A Grade 5 is recognised as a strong pass. If the student continues to make progress at their current rate we would expect them to achieve this grade at the end of KS4. Students are also awarded a current grade. This is the grade that the student is currently performing at. The gap between the current and predicted grade is the amount of progress that the student needs to improve their performance by.

Fine Grades are used for teachers to show where a students is predicted within a particular grade.

  • A grade followed by a minus (e.g 4-) shows that a student is working towards the bottom of this grade.
  • A whole grade (e.g 4) shows that a student is working in the middle of this grade.
  • A grade followed by a plus (e.g 4+) shows that a students is working towards the top of this grade.


Parent Forum 

We value the views of all our parents and encourage you to attend our parent forums which are held once a term to share ideas and suggestions about how we can move our school forward. It is also an opportunity to provide feedback on new systems that we have been trialling. We meet once a term in an informal setting and the discussion and is driven by you. See our calendar page for the date and details of the next forum.

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