Year 10 Work Experience 2024

Work Experience for Year 10s for 2024 will be held 3rd to 7th July 2024.


Work experience 2023 was very successful seeing over 160 Year 10 students heading off into a variety of different placements. The employers of Teignmouth town were very accommodating! We saw some of the students hard at work during their placements at businesses including Sea Sports, Rock Bottom, and some of them becoming Teaching assistants within Teignmouth School itself, as well as a range of primary schools and nurseries. However, staying in Teignmouth is not a necessity; students also went to Shaldon, Newton Abbot, Totnes and Plymouth. We also saw some of our students visit places much further afield including London, Newcastle and Cornwall.

Finding a work experience placement

Step one of finding yourself a placement is to think about what field (what area of work) you may like to enter after leaving school in year 11. Remember that work experience is to help you gain a better understanding of what you may like to do. It doesn’t have to be something at the top of your list, and you may surprise yourself when enjoying something that you hadn’t really thought about. It gives you the opportunity to explore. If you are unsure that’s OK too! Make sure to email and a meeting can be arranged to discuss the kind of things that are available and what you think you may like to do. We also provide a database which includes placements that past students have been to. (Link to database here)

Once you have an idea in your mind of where you’d like to complete your work experience, you can then start approaching employers within that field either by emailing or phoning them. Remember to present yourself professionally within your emails.

The first port of contact needs to come from you, as a student. This shows willingness to the employer and the earlier you start looking the more likely the employer will agree.


My name is ………………. I am a Year 10 student at Teignmouth Community School.

I am phoning to ask if you offer work experience placements to students.

I am looking for one week’s work experience and would like the opportunity to work with you because…….”

Before calling, make sure you have a pen and paper handy and that you know your email and phone number in case they need to call you back.

More information can be found in our step by step guide to finding work experience (link to document here). Finding a placement can take time (employers are busy and may need a couple of reminder emails sent) so the earlier you start looking the more likely you will be in securing a placement within the time limit.

Once a placement has been found

Once you have found a placement you then need to get all the correct forms filled out.

  • Student placement form – this has a really important box on the back that parents must sign! If I don’t have a parental signature then you cannot attend your placement.
  • Health and safety form – The employer will need to hold public liability insurance for you to attend a placement so it’s really important this information is passed on to me.
  • Letter of understanding – The employer needs to sign the letter of understanding to show they know that you are in their care for the week and are now under their responsibility.

Please pass your forms to Miss Brown or to your tutor. Alternately they can be put into the box provided in reception. Miss Brown will then touch base with the employer and then confirm to you that the placement is signed off and ready to attend.

Whilst completing work experience

Whilst you are taking part in your work experience, a member of staff will visit you to see how you are getting on. During your week there you are expected to fill out your work experience logbook that school will provide the week before. Afterwards, you will be awarded a certificate to say you have completed work experience. Those that get a special mention from their placements will also receive an award to congratulate their achievements.