2019 Mock General Election

As the country went to the polls today, so to did the students of Teignmouth Community School, Exeter Road.

Last week, all students in years 7 – 13 were asked to register to vote. This was a new venture for us at Exeter Road and an attempt to mirror the current voting system in the UK i.e. only registered voters were given a voting slip on the day.

Tutor times today were taken up with looking at the various political parties and what they were offering.

The results were as follows;

Conservatives – 139 (27.1%)

Labour – 128 (25%)

Liberal Democrats – 106 (20.7%)

Brexit Party – 35 (6.8%)

Green Party – 93 (18.2%)

Spoiled – 11 (2.1%)

Total votes 512/1053 (48.6%)


Thank you to our Yr 11 Prefect team who counted up the votes during their lunch break.