The 2022 Bookbuzz books have arrived and were given out in Y7 tutor groups on Friday 9th December as an early Christmas present.

We hope our students will be inspired by receiving these books and that it will encourage them to do some reading for pleasure over the Christmas holiday. This year these four titles, all very different, stood out as being most popular with our students:

The top choice was “Waiting for Murder” by Fleur Hitchcock. An atmospheric crime story set in the West Country about two children determined to solve a murder mystery revealed at the bottom of a dried-up reservoir.
Following close behind was “You are a Champion” by Marcus Rashford which appealed to both boys and girls keen to find out what strategies this brilliant footballer uses to improve his life chances, including how to handle issues of confidence and anxiety.
Third was the colourful illustrated information book “Factopia” by Kate Hale. It includes four hundred different facts on topics as diverse as nature, robots to the human body in space!
Fourth was “Horror Heights: The Slime” by Beck Hill. A funny thriller about a science experiment that goes wrong!