Bethany’s Bake Off Aim

Congratulations to Year 10 student Bethany Addicott who has successfully got through the first round of applications for CBBC Junior Bake Off
Bethany tells us about her experience so far… “Although I may have not made it to the bake off tent yet, I still hope that I will get that second phone call which will tell me I made it to the next phase.

The first phase was doing the application which my teacher Mrs Robinson gave me. It was very long and tiring it took me ten days to complete and I spent an hour a day on it. I had to write about my baking, my home life and include personal details and photos of me and of my baking. My parents also had to fill out some information too.

When we got that call saying I had made it through the first phase it was very exciting and I was so happy with my achievement. I had to answer some questions all about me and my life. I told them a lot about myself and where I live, my favourite subjects which is obviously catering! I had a little quiz to test my basic knowledge which I did really well in. My mum also had to explain a lot about me and my baking, so the Junior Bake Off team could hear it from someone else.

If I don’t hear from them by the end of May then I haven’t got any further in the competition, but I am still happy to have gone as far as I have, and will and apply again next year. Since the beginning of lockdown, I have been cooking and baking as much as I can. It’s given me a chance to learn new skills and expand my knowledge on cooking.

I would recommend anybody wanting to try out for Junior Bake Off to give it a go. My experience has been really positive.”

Mrs Robinson said “I am so proud of Bethany’s achievement in making it through to the first round of Junior Bake Off.  It has inspired her to be ambitious and chase her dreams. Bethany is a brilliant and talented baker who is an inspiration to us all. She is already a winner in my book!

Good Luck Bethany we will keep our fingers crossed that you get through to the next round!