Celebrating la Chandeleur!

Mrs Browning’s groups 8AFr1 and 8DFr1 and 9A Fr1 all celebrated la Chandeleur, which is a French tradition where the French make pancakes the day before the beginning of Lent. The students were all inspired and had prepared thoughtfully their creations and demonstrated this  by actively engaging in decorating their pancakes and describing what they had created in French. This was a new venture and thanks to the support of the technology dept. and some formal training behind the scenes,  we are allowed to use the food tech rooms for this cross curricular activity.

Following the making of their pancakes they then made a little video in French describing the process and once completed they had to taste 5 other pancakes and comment on their taste. This is called a “ degustation” – or tasting and it was fun to try delicious concoctions, here are just a few of the ingredients mentioned  : do you know what they are?  Les guimauves, de la crème Chantilly, des fraises, des framboises, des vermicelles, du sirop d’érable, ??? to name but a few. Many thanks to our parents for supporting this by supplying some amazing ingredients. MIAM, MIAM !!