Charity walk to Dawlish

Thursday 6th July saw 23 students from Teignmouth’s charity committee walk 7.5 miles to Dawlish and back to raise money for the charity HITS. As a reward for all the hard work and effort they put into researching the charity, putting the word out and organising parts of it, it was thought it was only fair that they got to have a little whirl in the arcades when we got to Dawlish, and Jim Prior our careers school governor was kind enough to treat us all to an ice cream. The children’s behaviour was impeccable! Teignmouth Community school are so proud of each and every one of you! On top of this The charity committee managed to raise a very impressive £545!!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored these hard working individuals! It really shows them that hard work and effort really do pay off!  Miss Brown is looking forward to next year and seeing what exciting projects they put together!