Competition Investing in Stocks and Shares

Business Studies students in years 9-13 are learning about the stock market by taking part in an national competition investing in stocks and shares. The Student investor challenge is a school based competition where teams of students invest a virtual £100,000 on the stock exchange, buying and selling shares in real businesses. The simulation is connected to the FTSE100 so prices change and fluctuate in line with real world changes.

Students are learning about the businesses they are investing in, analysing their financial performance and tracking their investments, there is also advice and guidance and speculation from traders as to whether a particular business is worth investing in. The practice game has already started so students can get to grips with the process, and make mistakes with bad trades. The real game start in mid October, and continues through to February. There are great prizes up for grabs with runners up prizes of VIP trip to London, and a Grand prize of an all expenses paid educational trip to the business capital of the world, New York!.