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Home Learning

At TCS we recognise that home learning is an important part of our curriculum and is a good opportunity to extend and consolidate student learning. Students who engage regularly with home learning are not only securing their knowledge and understanding but are also learning positive independent learning skills that will help them with later life beyond their time at school. We believe in setting quality homework which is purposeful, relevant and meaningful.

All homework is posted on Class Charts at least fortnightly to accommodate the two-week timetable. This consistency enables students and parents to know what is required and how to locate the information easily. To view further information about the types of home learning that our students may be set along with the frequency that they can expect home learning and how they will receive feedback please click on the relevant Home Learning policies below:

Class Charts

Parents can access Class Charts by clicking on the logo. If you do not have a login, please contact the school IT Helpdesk by emailing: systemssupport@teignmouthschool.co.uk

All of our faculties offer a weekly drop in session to support our students with their home learning. These are available for students in all years. The library is also open each day (Monday- Thursday) after school until 4pm for any student needing to use computer access and have a quiet space to study.

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We aim for all our students to become strong independent learners. Click on the top tips to see how students can help themselves to develop these skills.

Top Tips for Students 

For those students needing extra help with reading and accessing their home learning we provide the software Read & Write 10 Gold. This software can be accessed via our remote desktop and enables students to add colour filters, use a dictionary and even have text read aloud.

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How can parents help with home learning?

We recognise that parents play a significant role in supporting their children with home learning and we appreciate all that you are already doing to encourage and motivate our students. Links to further information about how you can support your child can be accessed below:

Top Tips for parents

How can parents encourage their children to read more?

All of our students in Year 7 and 8 follow the Accelerated Reader programme to support and foster an independent love of reading

You can access Accelerated Reader by clicking on the logo.


We advise students to complete quizzes unaided. However, if parents/carers wish to support their child, they can do so in the following ways:


  • Discuss the book with you child as the book is being read
  • Ask your child to read the question aloud
  • Re-word questions for your child (if necessary)
  • As you child which answers are not correct.

Students and staff are able to borrow up to two items for the new e-library. To access it you need to login using your Google school account username and password. You can browse the collection or search for a specific book title, author or publisher and loan the book chosen. It is then assigned for a two-week period. If you finish reading the book sooner you can return it early and then select something else to read. You can access the TCS e-library and also browse the entire catalogue of books that we have available in our school library by using the Oliver system.

Please click on the ‘Oliver’ logo above to access the system.

Complete Issues

The school username and password to access this subscription is available from your teacher or library staff.

This database includes articles, statistics and contacts on the following topics:-

Alcohol, drugs & smoking * Animals * Body Image * Britain & its citizens * Bullying * Disability * Education * Equality * Ethics * Family & relationships * Finance * Food & Drink * Gender * Health  * Internet & media * Law & Order * Religion * Science & technology * Sport & leisure * Travel & transport * War & conflict * Wider world * Work.

Please click on the logo above to access.

Issue Online

The school username and password to access this subscription is available from your teacher or library staff.

This database includes government reports, statistics, infographics, surveys, academic research, newspaper articles and blog posts from a variety of sources on the following topics:-

Citizenship and participation, Crime and Justice, Drugs and Alcohol, Science and Health, Rights and Discrimination, Media, Family and Relationships, Environmental and Global Issues, Health and Wellbeing, Economics and Welfare, Research Tips.


Please click on the logo to access.

How can I support my child to revise?

Click here to find a range of strategies and information about how you can support your child to revise. This should take you to this page of the website https://www.teignmouthsecondary.co.uk/parents/exam-success/revision/

You can also explore the online platforms (below) which offer a great starting point to get going with revision.


Quizlet is a free learning and revision tool.


The fastest growing homework & revision platform in the UK.

Pick from 1000+ KS2, KS3, GCSE & A Level courses based on exam board specifications.
We’ve condensed the content to what you actually need to know for your exams.

If you child wants to do more and continue learning outside the classroom because they are particularly interested in a topic or area we encourage them to have a look at our ‘Extending my Learning’ document which provides a whole range of enrichment activities for them to try.

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