Digital Magazine Collection

BBC History, BBC Music, BBC Science Focus, Geographical, The Biologist, Chemistry World, New Internationalist, Prospect, World Today, Resurgence and Ecologist…

If you are interested in Science, History, Music, Geography, Ecology, or Current World Affairs – then you may well enjoy reading articles from a collection of 10 digital magazines – kindly provided free to us whilst schools are closed by exact editions. Students and staff will be sent an email with details of how to log on to this brilliant up-to-date collection, which includes current issues from this year and a considerable archive of back issues for each title.

Exact editions have set us up with remote access via a “library card” login system. This will allow all staff and students to access the titles using a numeric code that is unique to the school. These details should not be used by anyone outside the school, this is why they are being sent out by email rather than being advertised on our school website.

To log in using your six-digit library card number please follow the steps below.
1. Visit our login page:
2. Select the “library card” option in the top right-hand corner.
3. Enter your 6 digit code into the “card number” bar and login.