DTP/MenACWY Immunisations for Year 10

Dear Parent/Guardian of Year 10 students,

Re: DTP/MenACWY Immunisations

If you have previously completed an electronic consent for your child to receive their DTP/MenACWY immunisations from the School Aged Immunisation Service and they have not yet received the immunisation, we will be returning to their school within the next 6-8 weeks to deliver this.

If your child has now received this immunisation from another provider, for example if they were taken to the GP, they will not need a further dose in school.

Please contact us if you have provided consent, your child has not received the immunisation in school and:  

  • You have changed your mind in any way or
  • Your child has changed schools or
  • Your child has received their DTP/MenACWY vaccination elsewhere via our Single Point of Access on 0300 247 0082, or alternatively email us at vcl.immunisations@nhs.ne

If they have not yet received their DTP and/or MenACWY and you would like them to have this in school or a clinic setting, please contact us on the  phone number provided.  If you declined consent previously, this will remain in place and your child will not be offered an immunisation.

Please ensure you child is fully aware of the immunisations they have already received.


Kind Regards

Devon Immunisation Teams

School Age Immunisation Team


t: 0300 247 0082 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 4.30pm)

e: vcl.immunisations@nhs.net