Eco Brick Training

This week, the Green Teign Team took part in Eco Brick Training. This involved filling plastic bottles with all the plastic that cannot be recycled. Today we filled 28 bottles with over 4.5 kg of non-recyclable plastic!

Once packaged properly, these bricks can be used for building structures that, when covered with cob will last for very long periods of time. Although this does not get rid of the plastic completely, it’s a step to us taking the plastic out of the environment, where it causes damage to wildlife, and makes our beautiful town look messy.

Eco bricking is something we, as a school are going to continue doing. The students really enjoyed themselves and took lots from the afternoon, and when we have enough eco bricks, we are hoping to build tables and chairs that students can use in green areas around the school.

If you would like to help us with this please do; we need plastic bottles with screw top lids, clean and dry, and plastic packaging you would put in your normal bin, also clean and dry. It is essential for the process that it is clean and dry, and would really help the students in making the bricks.