First Ten Tors training walk of the year!

We completed our first Ten Tors training walk of the year on Saturday 14th October.

The walk was an introductory distance of approximately 14km, starting from Rowtor car park and climbing West Mill tor, Yes Tor, High Willhays and Dinger Tor as well as navigating tracks past Oke Tor and trying to cross over a fast flowing ford which resulted in us having to re-navigate the route.

27 students joined us on Saturday; to have such big numbers at the beginning of our training programme is fantastic to see. All students did brilliantly, all were punctual, well prepared and very enthusiastic. Everyone did well in joining in learning how to navigate using maps and compasses to work our way through the route and all were motivated when learning new skills and to ensure we kept good time. We considered ourselves reasonably lucky with the weather, although forecast for sun and cloud all day, we were hit with a few cold rain spells which gave students a good idea of how the Dartmoor weather can change in an instant and how important it is to be prepared for all weather. Mr Johns, our ten tors leader, Miss Ousley and Mr Hawker were all incredibly proud of the effort and commitment of our students and we look forward to seeing how each one progresses over the coming walks.

Next training walk is Saturday 28th October.