Goodbye Year 11

Dear Year 11 students,

I hope that those of you who attended school today managed to say your goodbyes and celebrate your successes with friends, teachers and support staff. Those of you at home, we missed you. Please know that I will be polishing the leavers assembly and adding this to a platform you can access. I do understand this is not what we had envisaged but I hope it will help knowing how much the school community values you.

What you have been asked to sacrifice as students is immense but please keep thinking that this is for the sake of our community and country. You have spent 5 years growing into kind, funny, curious and independent young adults and, we have had the privilege watching you grow into fantastic, thoughtful, mature young men and women. When it is safe to do so we will celebrate this.

We may have closed our doors today, but please remember we are all here for you and only on the other end of an email.

Stay safe and be sensible.

Best wishes,

Miss Brown
Head of Year 11