Hair and Beauty Christmas Competition

Year 9 students were celebrating their successful entries into the first Year 9 Hair and Beauty Competition on Tuesday.

The course is run in collaboration with our partners, E-Training and Design Ltd, who run hair and beauty courses across South Devon.  The girls have only been on the course since September and had to produce a mood board, nail patterns and hairstyles based on the theme of Christmas.  Kate from E-Hair said “I am so proud of the way the group has committed to the course and learnt so much in a short space of time.  They are already working at a really high standard!”

The competition was judged by school governor, Sarah Sabourin and the Principal, Mr James O’Connell, who said “I was slightly out of my area of expertise in judging hairstyles, but it was great to see our students working so professionally and so engaged on the course.  Well done to all!”

The competitors were: Alisha Brooks, Caitlin Mathias, Leah Clatworthy, Danniella Crook, Gemma Currey, Amy Cowley, Erin Henderson, Liberty Hallisey.

Well done in particular to:

Third place: Gemma Currey

Second Place: Danniella Crook

First Place: Caitlin Mathias