Heatwave Uniform Announcement

Dear Parents and Students,


Next week, there is a heat warning for the start of the week. This is for Monday and Tuesday but could also drift into Wednesday.


In order to ensure everyone is supported and comfortable in this unusual weather, we would like to share the following information that is applicable for Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th July:


Students are:

  • not expected to wear their blazer
  • not expected to wear their tie
  • advised to wear a short sleeve shirt
  • allowed to relax their top shirt button
  • allowed to wear caps and sunglasses at break time if outside
  • must bring a water bottle to school – students can refill from the water fountains during break times.
  • allowed to sit in shaded areas outside at break or remain inside


PE lessons will be adapted to accommodate the increase in temperature. No students will be expected to physically exert themselves during these lessons.


Our priority will always be the welfare and safety of our entire community and we have therefore made the proactive decision to communicate this today.  If there are any questions please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance.


In addition to this, a further reminder that Thursday 21st July is our day of sport at TCS which means students will be expected to attend in their PE kit, and Friday 22nd July is a non-uniform day.


For the non-uniform day, students should not wear revealing clothing or tops with offensive or suggestive slogans etc.


Thank you all for your support,


Steve Murphy


Deputy Head