IMPORTANT Update – School Operations from 23/3/22

Dear Parents/Carers

Unfortunately, we are dealing with unprecedented levels of staff absence due to COVID, and despite our best efforts to ensure that all our students have a specialist known teacher in front of them (or indeed a supply teacher), we have again reached a point where sadly it is not possible, despite trying everything.

As a result, we are going to introduce a rotation of one year group working from home for at least the next three days, so that we ensure that we can cover the classes of the year groups remaining on the school premises.  This is not a decision that we have reached lightly as it is the last thing we want to do after the interruptions of the last two years; however, it is sadly necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the staff and students in our learning community.

The schedule for year groups working from home will be as follows:

Wednesday 23rd March – year 10

Thursday 24th March – year 9

Friday 25th March – year 8

Teachers that would normally teach these year groups on the days that they are working from home have been asked to set high quality and worthwhile learning tasks on ClassCharts for their lessons.  Please ask your child to log on to ClassCharts and follow their timetable for the day completing all work that has been set for them.  We cannot ask staff to teach these year groups ‘live’ remotely as they will be covering absent colleagues and supervising lessons on site for the year groups that are in school.

I would hope that the above will enable us to reach a point where staff absence reduces and we are able to have all year groups in school. We will of course review this regularly and keep you updated.

Please be assured that on the day your child’s year group is working from home attendance will be given as authorised. If your child is unwell, please continue to contact us via the usual channels so we can amend the register record accordingly.

Any urgent/emergency enquiries about this matter, please email and we will endeavour to get the appropriate member of staff to respond.  However, please be patient with us as we battle to make arrangements to keep the school open and operating in a safe and manageable manner.

Please can I thank you again for your support.

Kind regards

Paul Cornish

Executive Headteacher