The link between attendance and success in school is irrefutable.  The Department for Education (DfE) published research in 2016 which found that:

  • The higher the overall absence rate in school, the lower the likely level of attainment at the end of primary and secondary school.
  • Pupils with no absence are 2.2 times more likely to achieve 5+ GCSEs 4-9 or equivalent including English and mathematics than pupils that missed 15-20% of secondary school lessons.
  • 73% of pupils who have over 95% attendance achieve 5 or more GCSEs at grades 4-9.


Our aim is to encourage, support and enable all of our students to be in school as often as they can.  We aim to work with parents, carers and other professionals to help all of our pupils to attend and succeed.

We recognise that almost everyone will have challenges at some point and large secondary schools are never perfect.  School is not easy for everyone.  Through working collaboratively with parents, carers and others, we can often find solutions and help our young people to attend and succeed.


Please find detailed information about our approach, support and what to do if your child is unable or is struggling to attend school in our online brochure and policy documents here:

Attendance Policy (hyperlink)

Safeguarding information (hyperlink)


Another aspect of attendance which can be overlooked but is also of critical importance is punctuality.  Being on time is an important habit for life, not just school.

Our day begins at 8.50am with tutor registration.  Students should be in school for 8.45am ready for this.  Students who arrive after 8.52am will receive a late mark and those who arrive after 9.10am (when morning registration closes) will receive an absence mark for the morning.

In combination with monitoring lesson attendance, latecomers are also marked and those who are repeatedly late to lessons receive a sanction which comes in the form of a detention in the first instance.

Holidays in Term Time

From the 1st September 2013, all schools are unable to authorise any requests for absence relating to holidays in term time.  This was brought about by an amendment to the Education (Pupil Registration, England) Regulations 2006 which has removed reference to holidays and the ten day period.

These changes reinforce the government’s view that every minute of every school day is vital and that pupils should only be granted authorised absence by the school in exceptional circumstances; e.g. illness, exclusions, or due to other unavoidable causes.

We would remind parents that unauthorised absences may well result in the instigation of parental responsibility measures which could be a penalty notice, or a fine of up to £2,500 and/or a term of imprisonment of up to 3 months.  We hope you will support us by ensuring that your child obtains the maximum benefit from their time at school by attending punctually for the 190 days each year that the law requires, unless prevented from doing so by unavoidable circumstances.

If you have any questions about taking holidays in term time, please contact our Attendance Officer,


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