During the February half term 37 students went on the School Ski Trip to Pinzolo in the Italian Dolomites.


The students chose to either ski or snowboard for the 6 days, all groups got to go down the blue runs and some did the red and black runs and the jumps in the snow park.  The views up the mountain were spectacular and every day the sun was out and the sky was blue (typically except for the hour on the second morning when we took the group photo before starting lessons).


In the evenings everyone did ice skating, snow shoeing in the dark with head torches, Karaoke and bum-boarding which Grace was so good at she has decided she is going to represent Team GB if it is ever put in the winter Olympics.


It was fantastic to see all the students making progress during the week and the enjoyment each student was having when they told us what they had achieved up the slopes at the end of each day.  At the end of the week Toby was awarded the Top Snowboarder award, Freddie the Top Skier award and the most resilient award went to Finley who despite feeling under the weather for a few days kept going, such was his determination to master his snowboarding.


All the instructors and the reps from The Ski Company were full of praise for how polite our students were, how well they listened and how they kept going no matter how many times they fell over.  Since being back at school many students have told me they now have the winter sports bug and asked when the next trip is.