Summer Results Days

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are all looking forward to results day this summer where we have the opportunity to celebrate the hard work our students have put in over the years. Also, we have the resources to give good advice on future plans to help with your child’s next steps. However, the day will be different from previous years reflecting the circumstances we are in.

13th August 2020 from 8am. TCS Sixth Form Centre – Sixth Form results day, please see the Sixth Form website for more details here.

20th August 2020 from 9am. TCS Arts Centre – GCSE and level 2 results day (including Maths/English resits) You will need to book an appointment to collect your results.  Please see below.

At the results days, there will be department representatives, and senior leaders from the school along with Sixth Form representatives, and career guidance available to speak with. If there are questions or queries about the implications of the results, there will be senior members of staff to talk to who can help with and follow up on any issues arriving.

Please note the following points regarding the collection of results:

  1. Year 11: If you wish to collect results on GCSE results day in person, you must use the booking system to book an allotted time by clicking here (Booking system guidance|PDF)
  2. If someone other than the student wishes to collect the results, then permission must be given. Please bring ID and a letter as follows: “Please allow <insert collectors name> to collect results for summer 2020 on behalf of <insert student full name>” with signature.

Finally, it is possible that due to a lockdown being put in place, the school could not open. Should this arise, we will use the school website to provide that information and results will be emailed to students’ school accounts. Hard copies will be sent in the post. Students may opt to receive results by email. If this is the case then please contact the school’s exams office by emailing

Yours sincerely,

Mr Phil Humphrey