TCS Update – Week beginning 7th Feb

Following a review of the actions we have put in place this week at TCS, Public Health have advised that we continue another 7 days of additional measures to prevent further disruption. This is because we are currently seeing daily cases of those contracting the virus increase and local cases in the area are still above average. The measures outlined below will be in place for the next 7 days and will then be reviewed so as to determine our next steps.


Based on the guidance we have received, we intend to do the following:


  1. ALL staff and students (unless they are exempt) to wear masks in all communal areas
  2. Staff to complete daily LFTs
  3. All meetings and assemblies to take place online
  4. All trips, fixtures and events postponed for the next 7 days


We will continue to operate a rotation of students working from home for next week.


Monday – Year 7s

Tuesday – Year 9s

Wednesday – Year 10s

Thursday  – Year 8s

Friday – Year 12s and 13s


Teachers will continue to post work on Class Charts and deliver live lessons where possible. We understand your frustration with having to keep your child at home and appreciate all your help with these measures to ensure the school stays open.


If cases begin to decrease and we are able to have students back in, we will notify parents and carers as soon as possible to let you know a change in circumstances.