The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award at TCS

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award is a challenging yet rewarding programme for young people and includes participation in five different sections. These include developing a skill, physical activity, volunteering, an expedition and a residential. Participants will undergo the award for up to 18 months and will come out with an experience that can give them skills to guide them for the rest of their lives.

This year we are really pleased to have a wonderful group of Gold Award participants sign up, these include (pictured from left to right): Lauren T, Eve, Lauren G, Imogene, Lauren G and Zoe.

Having completed both the Bronze and Silver Awards, this group are determined to achieve Gold as well (and visit Buckingham Palace). They have, and continue to work extremely hard for their school and their community through their activities as well as planning and undertaking expeditions in remote places.

We are extremely proud of their hard work and wish them the very best of luck during their award.

Miss Waters & Miss Hellier
Duke of Edinburgh Leaders and Managers