We’re buzzing about reading!

Exciting news for our Year 7 students.  Bookbuzz will be introduced to them in both English lessons and in reading lessons, between 23rd September and the 4th October.

Bookbuzz is a reading programme that TCS has subscribed to for a number of years that helps to inspire a love of reading in our new students by providing them with the opportunity to choose their own book to take home and keep from a list of 17 titles. The books arrive in December as an early Xmas present… from the library!

We have a fantastic promotional video to show from Book Trust (where authors explain in more detail which books are available for students to choose from this year).  And individual orders will be placed with library staff in the first week of October. In the mean-time if students, parents or guardians wish to find out more about the Bookbuzz books then please have a look at the Book Trust website Here you can find more information about each title – including reviews, reading extracts from each book and the key genres and topics that are covered.

Also, look out for an A3 information sheet that will be coming home outlining a summary of each title at the end of the September.