Year 11 PPE Results Afternoon

Students in Year 11 participated in a series of Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs) in November to gain a realistic experience to help prepare them for their final GCSE exams that are to be taken in May and June 2020.

After much anticipation, Year 11 gathered for a special PPE Results Presentation on Monday 9th December. Students were given envelopes containing their results certificates, to give them a taste of what it will be like to open their real results in August.

This was a great opportunity for students to review their progress across all their courses. There were a range of reactions from delight to disappointment but the key message was that there is still time to improve their grades.

There were many successes and we would like to congratulate our Year 11s on their hard work and effort. We look forward to helping secure continued progress for our students and would like to thank parents for their ongoing support.