Year 8 HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccination

 Year 8 HPV vaccination consent:  Forwarded on behalf of HCRG Care Group School Aged Immunisation Service

Important notice:  Late responses cannot be processed to be included in the school session.  The closing date for your response is: 26th February 2023

Your Year 8 child is now due their HPV vaccine, which will be delivered by the School Aged Immunisation Team at your child’s school on 9th March 2023

The HPV vaccination protects against virus’ that are linked to certain cancers and other infections.  It is delivered as part of the national immunisation schedule with the first dose offered in Year 8 and a second dose 6 – 24 months later.

For more information and to consent to or decline the vaccination please click on the link below:


If you have any difficulties completing the consent, please contact our Immunisation Team on 0300 247 0082 or email for support.

Once completed you will receive an automated email with a reference number as confirmation.  Please check your junk/spam box if not in your in box and contact the team if it is not received.

After your child has been vaccinated (if consent provided) you will receive an automated email to confirm this and provide post-immunisation advice.  Please check your junk/spam box on the day of vaccination if you do not receive this in your inbox.


If you have a child in Year 9 or 10 that you have not already consented for, but would like to, please contact our team on 0300 247 0082 and they will be able to assist you with this.  This link is for children in Year 8 only.


Thank you

School Aged Immunisation Team