Young Geographer of the Year

Throughout the pandemic our ability to travel near or afar has been severely limited.  This year, to encourage young people to widen their geographical horizons, whether locally or further afield, the competition is asking Where, How and Why?

Where? Where might you want to travel to? We’d like you to give a geographical overview of the place you’d like to visit. It doesn’t matter if the place is local to you or much further afield, we’d like you to give its geographical overview and share your understanding of its key physical and human features.

How? How would you get there and what reasons might you give for the type/s of transport you might use? Is the place a short walk away or somewhere that would require transport to take you beyond the UK?

Why? What makes this place geographically interesting, important or meaningful to you?

Last year we had a number of entries from across the year groups and are hoping to gain the same momentum with the competition this year.  The best entries will be entered into the national competition and winners will appear on the Royal Geographical Society website.  We will  also be offering prizes at school level for those entries that we think deserve a special mention.


For more information and details of how to enter, click HERE (or speak to your Geography teacher).