Good news about accessing educational videos for home learning

ClickView have kindly provided our school with a free trial until July 2020 to access a collection of over 2000 educational videos on a wide range of subjects – mapped specifically to our UK secondary curriculum.

Both students and staff are now able to access these videos via the link below by using their google school login details. Many thanks to our IT department for sorting the technical side of this out whilst dealing with increased demands for IT support. There is also a link to the site on the home learning page.
Videos can encourage deeper learning and critical reflection. The Clickview interface is easy to use and intuitive to navigate. There are also some training videos available that give users hints and tips about using the site. You can search videos by using keywords or click on subject areas from the “Libraries” section that is in a menu bar across the top of the page.  Videos are written and produced by teachers to match current UK curriculum, and some of them are interactive with activities to complete. The service lends itself well to all subjects as it often gives real world examples. You can search and filter the videos by subject and level.

In the next few weeks, some teachers may recommend specific videos for students to watch, but in the meantime students are free to look at the site. To play a video you need to double click on it. The chosen video may take a while to load before it starts playing depending on your internet connection. Hopefully, access will be possible for you, as it does look like there are a wealth of good resources in the form of videos and clips.